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Chief Executive Officer

Sandeep Vangapalli

Chief Operating Officer

Navaneeth Rao Gannamaneni

Chief Technology Officer

Vijay Kumar Gangaraju

Chief Marketing Officer

Nithilesh Reddy

With a solid foundation of over 15 years in the solar energy sector, Mr. Sandeep stands as a beacon of strategic leadership at Arcedo. His vision isn’t just about leading a company, but about pioneering a sustainable future. His track record includes both enhanced profitability and the artful navigation of market shifts. Adept in stakeholder communications, Sandeep ensures transparent and proactive dialogues, fostering trust and alignment with our vision. His financial astuteness ensures Arcedo’s robust growth trajectory, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

Navneet, with an impressive 14-year journey in the solar domain, is the operational heartbeat of Arcedo. He masterfully balances efficiency with innovation, ensuring every operational aspect runs seamlessly. His dedication to sustainability goes beyond operations, infusing eco-conscious values at every tier. Mr. Navneet’s ability to anticipate operational challenges and his proactive problem-solving approach have been pivotal in scaling Arcedo’s operations globally, all while championing a green and sustainable ethos.

Arcedo’s tech innovations owe much to Mr. Vijay’s 15-year legacy in the solar tech arena. As the harbinger of technological advancements, he ensures Arcedo is always a step ahead, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in solar solutions. His insights and hands-on approach have led to breakthroughs, solidifying our place at the pinnacle of solar tech innovation. Vijay’s dedication to research and development positions Arcedo at the intersection of technology and sustainability.

In a world of ever-evolving market dynamics, Mr. Nithlesh, with his 14 years of experience, is the strategic force behind Arcedo’s resonant brand image. His keen insights into global market trends, combined with a deep understanding of consumer needs, have sculpted Arcedo’s marketing strategies. From digital campaigns to community engagements, he ensures our message is not only heard but also felt, positioning Arcedo as a leader and trusted partner in solar solutions